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Consult the different forms of participation in S-Moving:



- Silver Partner: From €6.000 + 10% VAT
- Golden Partner: From €10.000 + 10% VAT
- Premium Partner: From €25.000 + 10% VAT



- Stand 12m2: €1.750 + 10% VAT
- Stand 18m2: €2.400 + 10% VAT
- Stand 24m2: €3.100 + 10% VAT
- Stand 36m2: €4.600 + 10% VAT
- Stand 48m2: €5.800 + 10% VAT
- Information Point (4m²) for Startups: €500 + 10% VAT

Presentación en Skeakers' Corner

Presentation at Speakers' Corner

- 15 minute presentation at Speakers' Corner for companies without a stand: €1.500 + 10% VAT
- Includes 2 accesses, 2 networking lunches and 1 agenda.


Networking Agenda

- Price of Networking Agenda: €150 + 10% VAT
- Tool for managing appointments with the rest of the participants in the forum.
- Includes 1 acess to the exhibition and forum and 1 networking lunch.
- Without stand.

Vuelo zona interior

Flight in inland area

- Flight of 20 min in the flight area of S-MOVING (only for exhibitors): €500 + 10% VAT

Visitante Profesional

Professional Visitor

- Professional Visitor Price: 50€ + 10% VAT
- Includes 1 acess to the exhibition and forum and 1 networking lunch.
- Without Networking agenda.
- Without stand.

To participate in S-Moving 2019, in any of its contracting methods, or to obtain more information, please contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.

Ana Belén Martos
Project Manager
Tel: +34 620 996 890

Cristina Olmedo
Commercial Contact
Tel: +34 669 059 208

Por qué exponer

To be a prominent business space for the development of contacts, exchange of experiences, and the generation of alliances.

Por qué exponer

To be the ideal stage for presentation and exhibition of the major developments in innovative technologies and systems applied to the development of smart, autonomous, connected, and unmanned vehicles.

Por qué exponer

To count on a full program of conferences on the latest trends in innovation, legislation and regulations, and integrated systems applied to the transport, mobility, industry 4.0, insurance, services and content, and new opportunities and challenges offered by the smart mobility.

Por qué exponer

To bring together the actors who focus their activities along the developing value chain of autonomous, unmanned, and connected vehicles, intelligent
systems, and their technologies: innovative companies, startups, consultants, academics, policy-makers, etc… regarding innovation and its management.

Por qué exponer

To contribute to the promotion of innovative initiatives in the field of intelligent systems, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, giving an opportunityfor business development and growth to the start-ups, TBCs (Technology Based Companies) and spin-offs of these areas.