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S-Moving had two specific spaces in which the entire program was developed: S-Moving Forum and S-Moving Lab.

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S-Moving Forum

Space for the celebration of the conference program, composed of round tables of experts and success stories.


S-Moving Lab

Space for presentations of companies, projects and success stories.

These are some of the speakers that joined us:

Adrián Fernandez (CaixaBank)

Adrián Fernández

UX Research Specialist, Payment Innovation Hub (Caixabank)

Aitor Fernández (AEVAC)

Aitor Fernández

President (AEVAC)

Alberto Sosa (INDRA)

Alberto Sosa

Innovation and product Manager for the Transport Market (INDRA)

Alberto Taha (AENA)

Alberto Taha

Head of external commercial services division (AENA)

Álvaro Vázquez (ABB)

Álvaro Vázquez

Infrastructure Manager for the electric vehicle (ABB)

Ángel Alonso (AUVSI)

Ángel Alonso

President (AUVSI)

Antonio Berrios (ADIF)

Antonio Berrios

Deputy Director of Strategic Innovation (ADIF)

Antonio Capel (FARO)

Antonio Capel

Factory Metrology Account Manager Spain&Portugal (FARO)

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón (AERTEC Solutions)

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón

President Organizing Committee (S-Moving)
Managing Director (AERTEC Solutions)

Antonio Miguel Gutiérrez (Centro de Buceo de la Armada)

Antonio Miguel Gutiérrez

Chief Staff Officer (Spanish Navy Diving Centre, Ministry of Defense)

Antonio Rojas (Grupo Premo)

Antonio Rojas

CTO and Ecosystems Manager (Premo Group)

Carlos Romero (EPES-061)

Carlos Romero

Operator and RPAS pilot, Public Company of Sanitary Emergencies (EPES-061)

Carlos Sahuquillo (GMV)

Carlos Sahuquillo

Automotive CyberSecurity Consultant (GMV)

David Oliver (INECO)

David Oliver

Technical Manager of the Seville Territory (INECO)

David Pistoni (Zeleros)

David Pistoni

Cofounder y CEO (Zeleros)

Dirk Ahlborn (HTT)

Dirk Ahlborn

CEO (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies)

Efa Rimoldi (Instituto Movilidad Sostenible)

Efa Rimoldi

CEO (Instituto Movilidad Sostenible)

Federico Moratinos (AUVSI)

Federico Moratinos

Director A.N.E. (AUVSI-Spain)

Felipe Jiménez (INSIA-UPM)

Felipe Jiménez

Head of Intelligent Systems Unit (UPM-INSIA)

Francisco Cabrero (SHS FAGOR)

Francisco Cabrero

Manager (SHS Consultores)

Francisco Hortigüela (Samsung)

Francisco Hortigüela

Corporate Communications, Public Affairs and CSR Director (Samsung Electronics Spain)

Gema Maudes (INTA)

Gema Maudes

Head of Office Transfer Research Results (INTA)

Gregorio Blanco (UCO)

Gregorio Blanco

Associate Professor Engineering Area (University of Cordoba)

Ignacio Caño (INCIBE)

Ignacio Caño

Head of the Industry Area (INCIBE)

Isabel del Pozo (Airbus)

Isabel del Pozo

Senior Expert ATM/UTM (Airbus)

Isabel Maestre (AESA)

Isabel Maestre

Director (AESA)

Israel Quintanilla (UPV)

Israel Quintanilla

Associate Professor in Aerospace Engineering and Geomatics (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Jaime Briales (Ayto Málaga)

Jaime Briales

Head of service of the Innovation and New Technologies Area (Malaga City Council)

Javier Noriega (Cluster)

Javier Noriega

President (Andalusian Sea Marine Cluster)

Jesús Fernández (DEKRA)

Jesús Fernández

Manager Cybersecurity Competence Center (Dekra Testing and Certification)

Jesús Manuel Gómez (UMA)

Jesús Manuel Gómez

University lecturer (UMA)

Joan Prat (AMTU)

Joan Prat i Trapé

Managing Director (AMTU)

Joaquín Rodríguez (FADA)

Joaquín Rodríguez

Managing Director (FADA)

Jorge Conde (SHS FAGOR)

Jorge Conde

Sales Manager of the Distribution Channel (Fagor Electrónica)

José Antonio López (RIH)

José Antonio López

Director of Technical Coordination (RIH)

José Antonio Lozano (Vodafone)

José Antonio Lozano

Manager Partners & Solutions Sales South Region (Vofadone)

José Cano (INTA)

José Cano

Project Manager Unmanned Aerial Systems (INTA)

José Carlos Montes (ASTI)

José Carlos Montes

R+D Director Madrid headquarters (ASTI Mobile Robotics)

José Mancera (Agencia IDEA)

José Mancera

Provincial Manager (Agencia IDEA)

José Moreno (AVANZA)

José Moreno

Corporate Operations Manager (AVANZA)

José Ramiro Martínez (USE)

José Ramiro Martínez

Professor (University of Seville)

Livia Ariza (Maersk)

Livia Ariza

Senior IT Manager (Maersk Line)

Lourdes Gonzalez (ONCE)

Lourdes González

Directorate for Universal Accessibility and Innovation (Foundation ONCE)

Manuel Montenegro (UMA)

Manuel Montenegro

Investigator (UMA)

Mariela Fernández-Bermejo (Agencias Puertos de Andalucía)

Mariela Fernández-Bermejo

Managing Director (Public Port Authority of Andalusia)

Mario Muñoz-Atanet (URBAT)

Mario Muñoz-Atanet

Director (URBAT)

Miguel Ángel Lleches (Kongsberg)

Miguel Ángel Lleches

Commercial (Kongsberg Maritime/Simrad Spain)

Pablo Lopez (OEPM)

Pablo López

Senior Examiner Technician (OEPM)

Pedro Argüello (Marine Visión)

Pedro Argüello

Commercial Management (Marine Visión)

Pedro Martínez (Here)

Pedro Martínez

Manager (Here Technologies)

Rafael del Río (AEDIVE)

Rafael del Río

Technical Director (AEDIVE)

Rafael Fando (Ferrovial)

Rafael Fando

Director Centre of Innovation on Smart Infrastructures (CI3, Ferrovial)

Ramón González (Robonity)

Ramón González

Founder & CEO (Robonity)

Raúl García (CDTI)

Raúl García

Technical Engineer at the department of Energy, Transportation, Manufacturing and Digital Society (CDTI)

Ricardo Rodríguez (3R Industria 4.0)

Ricardo Rodríguez

Cofounder & CEO (3R Industria 4.0)

Vaibhav Puri (CaixaBank)

Vaibhav Puri

Product Business Specialist, Payment Innovation Hub (Caixabank)

Víctor López (Agencia Idea)

Víctor López

Coordinator of the CESEAND Consortium (IDEA Agency)

Víctor Rahona (Lanzadera)

Víctor Rahona

Proyect Manager (Lanzadera)