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S-Moving, a Forum for Smart, Autonomous, and Unmanned Vehicles

S-Moving is the reference space for companies, professionals, organizations, and public administrations of Smart, Autonomous, and Unmanned Vehicle sectors.

S-Moving is an international forum dedicated to sharing the technologies applied to smart mobility, autonomous, connected, and unmanned by land, sea, and aerospace, and its infrastructure, which gives this meeting a transversal and multi-sectoral approach in which the participants can establish synergies, make contacts, find business opportunities, and learn about the latest trends in these sectors.

S-Moving 2018 Figures:

  • The autonomous and connected mobility systems represent a great opportunity for the development of new forms of present and future transport.

  • Robotics, self-learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, IoT, LIDAR… have a large potential for growth in the various fields of activity of these systems: land, maritime, and aerospace.

  • The innovation and application of new technologies to the autonomous and connected systems will lead to a real change in the transportation models of both people and things, as well as in the field of defense, rescue, research, etc…

  • These vehicles offer the possibility of numerous applications in various fields of production, business, social, and environmental issues.

  • In addition, they will reduce the reaction time, improve job security, in transport, in emergencies, and in a variety of fields.



Areas with stands where the innovative companies related to autonomous systems, connected vehicles, and their technologies can showcase their products and services.



The area for encounters and B2B meetings to create business opportunities.

S-Moving Forum


For the presentation of the program of conferences, composed of expert round-tables and success stories, in which various issues will be discussed related to the UAVs, automation, legislation, aviation security, new trends in the sector of the Industry 4.0, insurance, sources of project funding, cyber-security, IoT, big data, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous systems applied to security, agriculture, traffic, etc…

Test Areas For Connected Vehicles


Outdoor area for demonstrations with connected vehicles.

Speakers Corner


For presentations of business projects and services.

To participate in S-Moving 2019, in any of its contracting methods, or to obtain more information, please contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.

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Project Manager
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Commercial Contact
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